Booking an apartment

With a client who has found a suitable home, a record of pre-contractual negotiations (a reservation agreement) will be signed that remains valid until the signing of a notarised real right agreement (up to 4 weeks). For confirmation of interest, the buyer shall make a pre-payment in the amount of EUR 2,000 upon entering into the reservation agreement. entering into the reservation agreement.

Notarised real right agreement

No later than within 4 weeks after the signing of the record of pre-contractual negotiations, a notarised real right agreement will be entered into with the buyer. The buyer pays the remainder of the sale and purchase price and the ownership is transferred.

All notaries’ fees related to the purchase/sale contracts shall be paid by the buyer.

NB! Pictures in the gallery and layouts of the apartments are for illustration purposes only. Actual details may differ.

Developer: Trigon Capital

Trigon Capitali hooneTrigon Capital was founded in 1994. Among its owners are experienced and well-known directors of Scandinavian businesses.

In its projects, Trigon includes both its own capital and that of foreign investors, and as of today, Trigon administrates nearly one milliard US dollars worth of customer assets.

Trigon began its activity in real-estate investments and development projects in 2005.

Further information on Trigon can be read here:

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